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Twerk, drugs, R&B. Escape from Rio Comedy Trailer

Image Four pretty girls in tight pants and tops against the backdrop of the always beautiful Rio de Janeiro - what else does a viewer who will go to a USA cinema in February need? .. A dubbed trailer for the French comedy "Escape from Rio" has been published on the Web, the slogan of which reads : "Burn out and survive!" Director Patrick Millet sent the main characters of his film, among whom was a pregnant girl, to have a cultural rest, but since the director was primarily inspired by the films of Quentin Tarantino, it was not without unexpected plot twists.

Four childhood friends agreed to meet in Rio for a royal bachelorette party. However, Rio is clearly not the city in which one could be limited to a couple of cocktails and a trip to the museum. First of all, you should fall in love with some stranger, then go all bad at the noisiest party, and after that Rio de Janeiro will spin you in a frenzied carnival of its entertainment, including chatting with gangsters, running through the jungle and, of course, visit the hospitable favelas.

The director's previous project, Bad Girl, was dramatic and made his big-screen debut for Patrick Millet, so Escape from Rio is his first experience in the comedy genre. Note that the critics liked this experience, in particular, the Variety publication describes the picture as a successful hybrid from "Rough Vacation" with James Franco and the successful "Bachelor Party in Vegas" franchise.

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The quartet of desperate ladies will begin to burn out and survive in our cinemas from February 1, 2018.

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