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The director of ”Hostel” will feel the thirst for death

Image Last summer, the horror master Eli Roth agreed to lead the filming of the thriller Meg, but eventually decided to leave the project. The director of "Hostel" did not talk about his plans for the future, but now it became known that the filmmaker intends to reboot the " Death Wish " franchise.

The main role in the film is given to Bruce Willis.He will play the talented architect Paul Kersey , who goes crazy after his wife and daughter are attacked by criminals. During a working trip to Tucson, the hero receives a revolver as a gift from a client and, upon returning home, begins to use weapons to clear the streets of bad guys. Upon learning that the police never found the offenders of his family, Kersey becomes an avenger, and ordinary people consider him a national hero ...

The source reports that the new version of Death Wish will be closer to the plot of the 1972 novel of the same name, written by Brian Garfield. The script of the tape belongs to the authorship of Scott Alexander and Larry Karaszewski ("1408"). The project itself has been in development for a long time, and Joe Carnahan, Aaron Kechales and Navot Papushado planned to lead the shooting at various times. It is not yet known how many films about Paul Kersey studio MGM are planning to make, but the original film series has five parts.


The Death Wish reboot is a great opportunity for Eli Roth to switch from horror to another genre. The director is known to film fans not only for the aforementioned Hostel , but also for the horror films Fever and Green Hell, and last year the thriller Rota Who Is There "With Keanu Reeves in the title role. Unfortunately, the picture did not win the audience's favor.

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Author: Jake Pinkman