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DC continues recruiting for Justice League

Image Although director Zack Snyder started filming Justice League weeks ago, the creators of the DC Cinematic Universe continue to add to the cast of their blockbuster superhero.

As it became known, the image of one of the heroes of the film comics will be embodied by Julian Lewis Jones . “I took part in a project that may well go down in history as the most expensive film, - announced the actor in an interview with Wales Online . -I cannot divulge information about my character yet. We worked both in the pavilions of the Leavesden filming complex and in the most diverse locations in England and Iceland. I am glad that I was able to take part in the creation of this tape. I will look forward to seeing her release.

To moviegoers, the Welsh actor is known for his films The Baker Street Heist, The Invictus and Target One, and fans of the series might remember him for his cameo roles in Jekyll ( Jekyll ), The Tudors "( The Tudors ) and many other serial dramas.


While Julian's words make it clear that he has already finished filming, there is still a lot of work ahead for many of the other cast members. A couple of weeks ago, the producers revealed many secrets of the upcoming blockbuster, including information about the estimated timeline for the completion of the main filming phase. The Snyder team is expected to remain in the UK until the end of the summer, after which they will spend another month and a half in Los Angeles. Such a long filming period allows the creators of the film comic strip to replenish its cast right in the course of work. Rumors have surfaced on the Internet that Colin Farrell and Mikhil Haushman are negotiating for participation in the " Justice League ".


It is curious that some time ago Farrell was considered one of the main contenders for the role of John Constantine in the film "The Dark Universe". The adaptation of the comic " Dark Justice League " has not been able to go to work for several years, and at the beginning of last month there were even rumors that WB chose to make an animated film based on it. It is currently unknown whether the major plans to create a game adaptation of the famous graphic novel. It is possible that the studio bosses have decided to offer Colin some other role in their MCU.

Officials of the WB are in no hurry to confirm the fact of negotiations with Farrell and Haushman . With much of the filming period behind us, there is a possibility that potential Justice League newcomers will either be featured in episodic roles with an eye on future films in the franchise, or give their voice to some DC . Earlier it became known that the main antagonist of the tape Snyder will be Steppenwolf , whose image is expected to be created using computer graphics.


The DC superhero team will appear on USA screens on November 16, 2017 .

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Author: Jake Pinkman