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Casting: Company for Gigolo and Pennywise

Image As it became known to the portal Deadline , Salma Hayek will teach Eugenio Derbes the tricks of love - the actress signed up to take part in the filming of the comedy How to Be a Latin Lover .

Ken Marino is heading the film and the cast includes Rob Lowe, Kristen Bell, Raquel Welch, Rob Riggle and McKenna Grace in addition to Derbes and Hayek . >
In the center of the events of the tape will be Maximo - already a middle-aged Latin American gigolo, whom circumstances force him to move to live with his sister and her little son. However, the main character, who is accustomed to luxury, does not intend to sit idle - he urgently needs to find a new patroness who is ready to provide for his considerable requests ...

Salma Hayek just recently finished filming the action movie Hitman's Bodyguard, and the comedy Drunk Parents with the actress is due out this year.

Owen Teague (Atrocity on the Blue Screen) has joined the cast of It , the adaptation of Stephen King's novel of the same name. The director's chair of the project will be taken by Andres Muschetti ("Mama"). Pennywise , as we announced earlier, will be played by Bill Skarsgard, and Jaden Lieberer, Finn Wolfhard, Jack Grazer, Wyatt Oleff, Chozen Jacobs and Jeremy Rae Taylor have been cast as children who are terrorized by a terrible clown.


The plot of the picture, we recall, will revolve around a group of guys who are called the Losers Club . They managed to overcome the ancient evil, but years later It returns, and the already matured heroes are forced to unite again to fight the creation. Owen Teague will play Patrick Hoxtetter - a psychopath who killed animals, and one of those who mocked the guys from the Losers Club . It is noteworthy that Teague "It" is not the first King's adaptation: the actor managed to star in the thriller "Mobile", based on the novel The King of Horrors .


Finally, Rene Russo is in talks to join Morgan Freeman and Tommy Lee Jones on the action-comedy Villa Capri . The film will be directed and written by Ron Shelton, with whom the actress has already collaborated during the filming of the Tin Cup melodrama.

The new project will focus on a former FBI agent ( Jones ) and a lawyer who got into the witness protection program. The couple will have to forget about their differences to prevent a crime orchestrated by the mafia.Who will play Russo is still unknown.

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