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Ridley Scott is interested in the Merlin saga

Image Using the drama All the Money in the World as an example, Ridley Scott demonstrated how quickly and efficiently he can work, and three nominations for the Golden Globe are proof of this. Alien: Covenant hit the screens in May, and by December the famous director had a new film ready. Moreover, after the scandal with Kevin Spacey, the role of Jean Paul Getty passed to Christopher Plummer, and all the necessary scenes were re-shot as soon as possible. The release of All the Money in the World was postponed just a few weeks in advance.

After such a difficult year of work, Ridley does not seem to be taking a break. He has a lot of production projects in the pipeline, but recently rumors have surfaced that 20th Century Fox wants to ditch the next Alien prequel, which was to be Scott's next directorial job. Now the director has turned his attention to another ambitious project - the adaptation of the saga about the wizard Merlin for Disney. The portal Variety writes about it.

The film will be based on the cycle of books by Thomas Archibald Barron, telling the story of the young Merlin, who later became the wise mentor of King Arthur. In the story, a raging sea brings a little boy to the shores of ancient Wales. Left to die, he remembers nothing, does not know his name, has no home. The search for the truth about the past and mysterious magical abilities leads the hero to a magical land, the fate of which is strangely connected with his own life. It is noteworthy that a mini-series with Sam Neal was already shot about the young Merlin in the late 90s, and in the new millennium the British created the television drama Merlin.


The script for the new tape is being written by Oscar winner Philip Boyens (Lord of the Rings franchise) and produced by Scott Free and Jill Netter (Life of Pi). According to the source, the deal between Ridley Scott and Disney has not yet been officially struck, but insiders believe that the Merlin saga will be the director's next work. However, Scott is considering another project of the House of Mice with a similar theme - a full-length game version of The Sword in the Stone.

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Author: Jake Pinkman