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Tatum and Driver go to work. Logan's Luck Trailer

Image Four years after the release of the wonderful biographical drama Beyond the Candelabra, Steven Soderbergh returns to big cinema with a new work that is destined to be a real event. It's about a project called Logan's Luck - a crime comedy featuring actors such as Adam Driver, Daniel Craig and Channing Tatum. Tatum , we recall, has already played for Soderberg - in "Side Effect" and "Super Mike". Good Luck for Logan was written by debutante Rebecca Blunt.

In the story, two brothers - one fired, the other one-armed - decide to pull off the heist of the century during the biggest race of the year. To make sure everything goes smoothly, they release an experienced hacking specialist Joe Babach from prison, enlist the support of a self-confident hacker and a pretty assistant.

From the trailer it is not obvious what exactly in the ambitious plan of the dimwitted robbers will go wrong, but, based on the laws of the crime comedy genre, it is unlikely that Logan and the company will soon join the millionaire club. And at the moment, you need to try very hard to find at least one devastating one among the first reviews of the new film by Soderbergh .

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The cast of the tape, in addition to Driver, Tatum and Craig , includes Katie Holmes, Riley Keough, Sebastian Stan, Seth MacFarlane and Hilary Swank, and look at all this great team in in fact, our viewers will be able to September 7th.

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