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Sam Mendes prepares to fly the giant peach

Image Having said goodbye to Bond, Sam Mendes has already secured the director's chair for the dramatic thriller Voyeur Motel, and is now preparing to add children's fantasy to the number of future projects. As reported by the Deadline website, Disney has decided to add to the list of its full-length feature films with the adaptation of James and the Giant Peach , and Mendes b>is negotiating to lead the filming.

Roald Dahl's book will be adapted by Nick Hornby, best known for his dramas Brooklyn and Educating the Senses. The work was filmed by director Henry Selick for Disney back in 1996. Then the picture found a place for both game elements and puppet animation.

In the center of the action is an orphan boy James who lives with his evil and cruel aunts. Once, thanks to a magical gift, the hero transforms an ordinary peach into a giant ship, ready for incredible adventures. Together with the huge insects living inside the fruit, James embarks on a fantastic journey to fulfill his dream - to visit New York ...


Mendez 's most recent directorials are two films from the Bond film series, Skyfall Coordinates. and "SPECTRUM". It is noteworthy that the filmmaker is not the first time to work with the works of Dahl - in 2013 he staged a musical based on the book Charlie and the Chocolate Factory .

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