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Return to Dr. Moreau's Island

Image In the 90s, Richard Stanley was supposed to adapt HG Wells' work Doctor Moreau's Island . However, the studio New Line unceremoniously fired the director during filming, inviting John Frankenheimer instead. All of Stanley's work has gone to waste, and now the director intends to revive his ideas so that Wells 's novel gets a decent adaptation.

Before Stanley got down to work, Dr. Moreau's Island had already hit the big screens twice. However, the director wanted to create a dark and satirical version of the story and found support from New Line . Stanley had only two indie films at the time, Iron and Devil of the Sands, and he was new to working with a big film company. The inexperienced director did not find a common language with the film's stars Marlon Brando and Val Kilmer, which is why the major invited Frankenheimer . Many visual ideas and script moves by Stanley remained on paper, and " Dr. Moreau's Island " failed on all fronts, and Brando even got his role as Golden Raspberries .<
Since then, Stanley has shot only documentaries and segments for genre anthologies. However, in an interview with the portal Birth.Movies.Death , he admitted that he intends to re-adapt the work of Wells :“At the moment, I can not name any names or dates, but the project has been revived ... Now we are working on the script and thinking over design solutions. The creatures in the Frankenheimer version were terrible, in my opinion they could be made much better. I have already discussed the idea with the industry ... It seems that now they have a better understanding of the concept of the film, the main stars of which are animals, not people. This was the main mistake of New Line ".


Recall that the novel Wells tells about an island in the Pacific Ocean, which is inhabited by animals that have become victims of vivisection and because of this turned into beastmen. At various times, Leonardo DiCaprio and one of the creators of "Sleepy Hollow" Philip Iscove were going to return Dr. Moreau to the screens, but their attempts were unsuccessful. However, Richard Stanley is very optimistic and intends to turn Dr. Moreau's Island into a movie trilogy with a rating R or a six-part show.

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Author: Jake Pinkman