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Explosive brunette

Image In the summer, "Explosive Blonde" debuted on the big screens, and now, in contrast to her, the same explosive brunette from comics will appear on TV. As The Hollywood Reporter found out, Paramount Television, formerly known as Spike TV, is adapting a series of graphic novels by Ed Brubaker called Velvet.

The original tells the story of a former spy named Velvet Templeton. Most of the employees of the agency where the main character works do not even suspect that in the past she was an elite agent, and they see in her only a simple secretary. Imagine if Miss Moneypenny turned out to be a spy who would give odds to James Bond himself. And now, after almost 20 years of a quiet life, Velvet has to leave her cozy office to return to operational work and once again plunge into the world of secrets, murder and action.

The original successfully combines action, adventure and noir, and therefore on small screens the audience should eventually see a mix of James Bond, Jessica Jones and the same Explosive Blonde.


According to the source, the script for the series will be written by Kyle Killen, who will also act as the executive producer of the project along with the original author Ed Brubaker. Prior to that, Killen had given audiences such dramas as Lone Star, Awakening and A Beautiful Mind, but none of them lasted longer than one season.

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Author: Jake Pinkman