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Brooklyn Director Raises Orphaned Goldfinch

Image In 2013, the third novel by American writer Donna Tartt, " The Goldfinch ", was released. The long-awaited work not only became a bestseller, but also won the prestigious Pulitzer Prize for Best Fiction Book of 2014. A few months later, it became known about the acquisition of the rights to the film adaptation of the book by the studio Warner Bros. , and today Deadline announced that the project had found a director - an Irishman John Crowley .

The film tells the story of the growing up of 13-year-old New Yorker Theodore Decker . A teenager growing up without a father as a result of a terrorist attack in the Metropolitan Museum loses his mother too ... At the insistence of another victim of the explosion, Theo takes from the scene a painting of Karel Fabricius " Goldfinch " and one of the wounded's personal belongings. The newly discovered property will send the boy on a long-term path of physical and spiritual maturation, rich in twists and turns, and in the end will help him find harmony with himself and find his place in the world.

Irish filmmaker John Crowley is best known for directing the dramas Break with Colin Farrell, Boy A with Andrew Garfield, Anyone There? with Michael Caine. But his main success, both artistically and commercially, is last year's Brooklyn, also a bestselling film adaptation that was nominated for three Oscars and grossed more than $ 60 million. The film adaptation of " Goldfinch " will be the director's first Hollywood film.


It is reported that casting for the project will begin in the fall. Taking into account the fact that at the end of the book the central character appears before the readers already at the age of 26, it can be assumed that at least two actors will play him.

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