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Hollywood to stage Chinese female warriors battle

Image In recent years, in Hollywood, situations have increasingly arisen when several film companies are preparing projects based on one and the same source. Often, their development turns into an amazing pursuit of competitors, because the studio that will be able to release its film before the others has a better chance of success.

At the moment, at the Dream Factory, work is in full swing on two tapes at once based on the famous Chinese poem about the warrior Hua Mulan , who had to pretend to be a man and join the army in order to save her father from the call. One of them is being prepared by the studio Disney , which has already told this story in the animated film "Mulan". The fictional version of the cartoon stalled a little, because House of Mouse could not agree with the Oscar-winning director Ang Lee (Life of Pi). The company Sony hastened to take advantage of the situation, taking a step forward in the race of two film versions of the legend of a brave girl.

Deadline reports that Sony has taken the director's chair for Alex Graves . The director worked for the last time in big cinema in 1997, but made a successful career in television. In the early 2000s, his work on the political drama "The West Wing" ( The West Wing ) earned him two Emmy awards. Graves also became famous for his ability to shoot pilot episodes of serial dramas: at one time he helped to air such series as "Terra Nova" ( Terra Nova ), "666 Park Avenue" ( 666 Park Avenue ) and Fringe .


Graves will have to implement Jason Keller's scenario ("The Escape Plan"). Sources close to the studio's management claim that the title role in the film " Mulan " will be given to an actress from the Middle Kingdom. Taking into account the fact that Chinese investors intend to support Sony , the project of the Hollywood major has every chance of achieving success in the rapidly developing Asian film market.

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Author: Jake Pinkman