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An explanation was found for the ”Rogue One” reshoot

Image Making Star Wars has named the likely reason for the summer filming of Gareth Edwards Rogue One , which was announced the day before. According to the source, we are not talking about the competence of Edwards as a blockbuster director, but about the scenario chosen by the bosses of the studio Disney , which they did not manage to finish before the main shooting.

The script for the studio was written by Christopher McQuarrie, director and screenwriter for last year's action movie Mission: Impossible: Outcast Tribe. Christopher's text was not ready until the last moment, and during last year's filming of “ OutcastGareth could only be guided by a grain of information. As a result, there were irregularities in the mood and storytelling of the picture. Now, the two filmmakers will join forces directly on the set in order to quickly and correctly complete an important tape.

Previously, The Hollywood Reporter wrote that the picture of Edwards turned out to be too similar to a war film and did not fit into the canons of the entertainment franchise. Given the tremendous success of The Force Awakens and the importance of the first Star Wars game spin-off, Disney executives felt it necessary to bring the product to shine. The new scenes, according to the publication, will"soften the mood, add a sense of lightness and more adventure".


The release date of the film remains unchanged - December 15 .

The Topic of Article: An explanation was found for the ”Rogue One” reshoot.
Author: Jake Pinkman