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Will Waltz go bounty hunting in Battle Angel?

Image James Cameron is known not only as the highest grossing director in the world, but also as an author who can hatch an idea for a future film for years. One of such projects of his, " Battle Angel ", recently finally got off the ground, and now preparations for his shooting are in full swing.

At the end of spring it became known that Rosa Salazar would play the main role in the fantastic action movie. Now Cameron and Robert Rodriguez, who took the place of the director of the picture, are selecting an actor for the role of Dyson ( Daisuke ) Ido - a doctor and a bounty hunter who brought the cyborg girl Alita back to life. The duo are in talks with Christoph Waltz .

Winner of two " Oscars " awards for Best Supporting Actor, if he does get into the project, he will be reincarnated as the professor who not only saved the young cyborg, but also became her mentor when Alita also chose the path of a bounty hunter.


" Battle Angel " is an adaptation of the famous manga, which tells about a futuristic, post-apocalyptic future. This project Cameron developed for over a decade before losing the director's chair to Robert Rodriguez , as he focused on the development of the Avatar franchise.

Christoph Waltz is currently filming in several films at once, and one of his latest works, the drama "Tulip Fever", will hit the world screens in February 2017 .

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