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Will Bondiana follow in the footsteps of the Marvel Universe?

Image With the Marvel superhero film series becoming the highest-grossing franchise in history, nearly every major Hollywood studio has embarked on creating their own cinematic universes. In just the last couple of years, viewers have witnessed how Universal began to build their Dark Universe, and Paramount began to expand the world of "Transformers".

The Tracking Board portal shares rumors that the studio Eon Productions has become a new victim of the construction fever. According to Hollywood insiders, the owners of the 007 Agent franchise are seriously considering creating a series of spin-offs about popular Bond characters.

The James Bond series is currently at a crossroads. A year and a half ago, Eon Productions expired a contract with Sony , which was the distributor of the last four films about the British intelligence super agent. To the disappointment of Bond fans, the franchise owners have yet to reveal their new partner's name to the world.


The Eon leadership is also in no hurry to comment on the situation around the performer of the role of Agent 007 . It was rumored that the studio bosses were trying with all their might to persuade Daniel Craig to return to the image of Bond , but even a check for $ 100 million for two films did not force the Briton to sign his new contract.

It is possible that the delay in work on " Bond 25 " helped the producers sketch out a plan for the creation of an entire spy universe. The world of Bondiana has a huge number of colorful characters to whom separate films could well be devoted - from CIA agent Felix Lightyear (Geoffrey Wright) to Kew (Ben Whishaw) and Miss Moneypenny (Naomi Harris).


It is possible that the reboot of the main film series will serve as a catalyst for the creation of an expanded universe. At the moment, English bookmakers consider the main contender for the role of the famous British spy Tom Hardy. Among the main candidates for the post of director of the new Bond film are the names of Paul McGuigan and Christopher Nolan.

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Author: Jake Pinkman