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Trouble in Paradise

Image Director Angela Robinson recently unveiled Professor Marston and Wonder Women at the Toronto Film Festival, which tells the story of the man who created Wonder Woman . The film has received overwhelmingly positive reviews, and Robinson is already preparing for a new project. Starting with the story of one of the most famous characters in graphic novels, the filmmaker will smoothly switch to the comics themselves.

As reported by the Deadline site, Robinson and Terry Moore are adapting the Strangers in Paradise episode, Strangers in Paradise published in print for 14 years - from 1993 to 2007. The author of the graphic novel is Moore himself, he, together with Robinson , will be responsible for the script of the future film.

The original tells the story of a beautiful woman named Katchu , whose life goes on in a measured sequence. She is smart, independent and loves her friend Francine very much. Then on the way of Kutchu , David appears, intending to win her heart. And all would be fine, but the past of the main character does not give her rest. Once Katchu was a call girl, worked for an international crime syndicate, and now former employers are looking for her to claim the missing $ 850,000.


According to Angela Robinson , she wanted to film Strangers in Paradise after the first reading. Terry Moore has a sexy, stylish and at the same time touching crime story, and it is not for nothing that the original won the 1996 Eisner Honorary Prize.

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Author: Jake Pinkman