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Superheroes die too

Image In April, we reported that Waypoint Entertainment had acquired the rights to film two of Mark Millar's comics at once, and now the studio's list of future projects has been supplemented with a film adaptation of the graphic novel Plutona ( Pluto ) by Jeff Lemire . The information site The Tracking Board writes about this.

No screenwriter has yet been found for the new film, and the producers will be Ken Kao and Dan Kao (Nicefellas), as well as Russell Ackerman and John Schoenfelder.

This is originally about five guys who found the body of Pluto in the forest - the greatest superhero in the world. The find forces the main characters to embark on a dangerous journey that will endanger not only their friendship, but also their lives.


Waypoint Entertainment has a track record of critically acclaimed and critically acclaimed action comedy Goodfellas , as well as Foes, The Outsider and The Sea of Trees.

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Author: Jake Pinkman