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Casting: Graham to the hackers, Rice to the department store

Image The Vampire Diaries star Katherine Graham will join Frank Grillo and Tyler Posey on the set of Allan Jungar's new thriller Decoy. Before that, Andy Garcia had already joined the actors. Produced by Andrew Gunn, Michael Bean and Angela Donald with support from Gunn Films and Cedarvale Pictures. David Benullo will be responsible for writing the script.

The film tells about an eccentric personality thief who will be hunted by the National Security Agency after he appropriates the details of a wanted criminal. Graham got the role of a hacker trying to help the main character. The actress recently played Jada Pinkett Smith in the biopic 2pac: The Legend, and also appeared in the new Netflix thriller How It Ends.

The creators of Decoy promise to present the symbiosis of "Enemy of the State" and "Mister Robot" to the audience. Filming in Toronto is scheduled to begin this month.


And Angauri Rice ("Spider-Man: Homecoming") will take part in the filming of the Australian drama Ladies in Black ("Lady in Black" *) by Bruce Beresford, an adaptation of Madeleine St. John's novel "Women in Black." This is the story of a shy schoolgirl, Lisa (Rice), who, while waiting for her final exam results, works part-time at the prestigious department store Goodes. There she meets "the lady in black" - glamorous employees who want to turn the girl into a new socialite. The Australian actress will be accompanied by Rachel Taylor (Jessica Jones) and Julia Ormond (East End Witches).


Sam Waterston, Katie Bates and Justin Theroux joined Felicity Jones in the biopic On the Basis of Sex *. Earlier it became known that the cast was supplemented by Armie Hammer. The Lone Ranger star will play the wife of US Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

The film will be financed by Participant Media, with Jeff Skoll and Jonathan King as executive producers. Teru will play as the head of the American Civil Liberties Union, Bates will play activist lawyer Dorothy Kenyon, and Sam Waterston will play Erwin Griswold, undersecretary of justice under Lyndon Johnson and Richard Nixon. The premiere is scheduled for 2018 - Ginsburg's 25th anniversary as a judge. Filming will take place in Montreal.

* - preliminary translation.

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