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Rambo wants new blood

Image In the 80s, films about John Rambo set the tone for all action films released at that time, and the film series itself remains a classic of the genre to this day. Sylvester Stallone has long had plans to continue the franchise - back in 2014, he confirmed that he intends to return to the image of Rambo in the fifth picture. Later, there was news of the upcoming series from Fox , after which Stallone said that his Rambo was retiring.

However, knowing the passion of Hollywood for remakes and reboots, one could well count on the return of Rambo , but in a different guise. According to the website The Hollywood Reporter , the iconic franchise will still be relaunched. The new project was named Rambo: New Blood ( "Rambo: New Blood" *). Stallone , as expected, will not return to the role of Rambo - he will be replaced by a younger actor.

The project already has a director and screenwriter: Ariel Vromen (The Outlaw) will be in charge of the shooting, and Brooks McLaren will write the text. Details of the plot of the future action movie are still unknown.


Rambo was the protagonist of a David Morrell novel, and in 1982 Ted Kotcheff brought the character to the big screens. The film series about John Rambo not only gave viewers a lot of adrenaline, but also showed what problems war veterans face. In 2008, Stallone returned to the image of a cult hero, but the film "Rambo IV" was not well received by critics, and earned only $ 113.2 million at the world box office.

* -preliminary translation.

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