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Neuromancer found a director

Image When the director of the superhero blockbuster Deadpool Tim Miller left the director's chair of the sequel to the franchise last year due to creative differences with Ryan Reynolds, it became known that he would still continue to work with 20th Century Fox. Sources said the studio plans to find another major project for the director and his visual effects company Blur Studio . Apparently, she succeeded.

According to the information publication The Hollywood Reporter , Miller will take on another Hollywood long-term construction - the screen version of the cult work in the genre of "cyberpunk", the novel by writer William Gibson, titled "Neuromancer" . Who will work on the script for the future film is still unknown, but Simon Kinberg ("The Martian", "Logan") will take the place of the producer.

Published in 1984, Gibson's novel won numerous prestigious science fiction awards and launched the Cyberspace trilogy.


The main character is a former hacker Henry Keyes who lives in Japan. Once he was a high-class expert in hacking information security systems, but now he eats a miserable existence in the slums of the city, as punished for trying to hide some of the stolen data from his employer. Due to the introduction of mycotoxin into the hero's nervous system, which blocks access to the virtual reality sensoria, Case can no longer enter the matrix. In search of death, he takes on risky orders, up to robberies in the real world, between times pumping himself up with hard drugs. However, the hero gets a chance to return to his old life when he is hired to hack into the security system of an artificial intelligence known as Winter Silence and orbiting the Earth.

Over the years, a number of filmmakers have tried to film Neuromancer . Among the last directors assigned to the project were Joseph Kahn (Torque, Punishment) and Vincenzo Natali (Cube, The Strain, American Gods). And back in 2012, there were rumors that Mark Wahlberg and Liam Neeson were negotiating to participate in the film.


Tim Miller is currently working on an adaptation of Daniel Suarez's sci-fi novel Influx , which is supposed to be the start of an entire franchise. The director is also busy with a film based on the popular video game Sonic the Hedgehog .

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