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Hollywood will reveal the secret of the Kennedy clan

Image This spring, we reported that Anonymous Content has cast Emma Stone in the lead role in the biographical drama Letters from Rosemary . As it became known to the edition Variety , the project has finally found a helmsman.

The film will be directed by the renowned theater director Sam Gold , who has no experience in big cinema yet. For the past five years, Sam has been successfully working on Broadway. Last year, his work on the musical Fun House earned him the title of Best Director at the Tony Theater Awards.

Sam will have to implement the script of Nick Yarborough, which at one time was included in the Black List of the best unrealized ideas in Hollywood. In the center of the plot of the drama will be the elder sister of President John F. Kennedy - Rosemary. From a young age, a representative of an influential American clan began to show signs of mental retardation. Her IQ was estimated at 60-70 points, which corresponds to a mild degree of backwardness.


On the verge of coming of age, Rosemary began to change dramatically. From a quiet and good-natured girl, she began to turn into a real rebel. In late 1941, her father Joseph Patrick Kennedy Sr. learned about a revolutionary neurosurgical procedure that could help solve the problem of sudden outbursts of aggression and sudden mood swings. Without asking the opinion of his wife, the politician subjected his daughter to a lobotomy, as a result of which she was left completely disabled with the intelligence of a two-year-old child.

After an unsuccessful operation, Rosemary was hidden from the outside world in a private psychiatric clinic. The girl waited for her mother's visit only twelve years later, and her father never came to see her. Moreover, the Kennedy clan did not comment on the mysterious disappearance of Rosemary until 1961, when her brother was elected President of the United States. Rosemary passed away on January 7, 2005 at Fort Atkinson Memorial Hospital, becoming the first child of Joseph Patrick Kennedy Sr. to die a nonviolent death.


Anonymous Content will probably bet on “ Letters from Rosemary ” in the next season of valuable movie awards. The Hollywood studio already has experience working on critically acclaimed projects such as In the Spotlight, Survivor, and Mr. Robot .

The Topic of Article: Hollywood will reveal the secret of the Kennedy clan.
Author: Jake Pinkman