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US Boxing Office: King Arthur is broke

Image The weekend ended ( May 12-14 ) in the North American box office turned out to be surprisingly calm - “ Guardians of the Galaxy. Part 2 "effortlessly defended the first place in the financial rating, and the newcomers, designed to compete with the blockbuster Marvel , did not meet the expectations of their creators at all.

For the adventures of Star-Lord and his team, moviegoers forked out another $ 63 million . Thus, the revenues of the film James Gunn fell by 57%, which is in line with the average among sequels in the Marvel Cinematic Universe . For ten days at the box office, Guardians of the Galaxy managed to earn $ 246.2 million in home theaters, which already exceeds the blockbuster budget ( $ 200 million ) , and on the world stage, the film has an impressive $ 630.6 million (including the box office in the USA).

James Gunn managed to repeat his own achievement in 2014 - he created a picture that is strikingly different from his brothers in the genre. A slightly crazy and touching film about the adventures of a group of garbage saving the Galaxy - a breath of fresh air in the age of popularity of superheroes. Perhaps the sequel lacked the charm of the first part, but it looks more confident and holistic. Gunn skillfully touches on the themes of family feud and plays with the relationship of the characters. The action and storyline in Guardians of the Galaxy 2 is epic, but it is uniquely crafted with a perfect soundtrack and witty nods to classics from movies and TV series.


As Kurt Russell joins the Marvel universe, his life partner Goldie Hawn returns to the big screens after 15 years of sabbatical. This time the actress was accompanied by Amy Schumer - an opening for the big studio bosses. The producers probably hoped to repeat the success of Girls Without Complexes, but the comedy Her Daughter and Her Mother mastered only $ 17.5 million at the start. However, the journalists did not predict more for her.


According to critics, the only thing that saves the tape of Jonathan Levine is the duo Schumer and Hone , whose performance is able to distract the viewer's attention from an unremarkable story. The union of the main characters turned out to be cute and funny, but this is where the advantages of the film end. Trying to combine adult humor, the theme of mother-daughter relationships with jokes about food, sex and alcohol, the filmmakers gave out a silly and completely unnecessary movie.

Those who were definitely unlucky last week were Guy Ritchie and his new creation. The fantasy action movie The Sword of King Arthur blatantly flopped at the North American box office and appears to be the first loser of this year's blockbuster summer season. With a budget of $ 175 million , Richie earned only $ 14.7 million in its first weekend. Not only did the film yield to the much less demanding comedy Her Daughter and Her Mother , but it still did not live up to the expectations of distributors, who predicted it would start from $ 23-25 million . It is clear that even such a sum would not have saved King Arthur's Sword from being branded a failure. As a result, Guy is defeated on all fronts.


If the audience, who decided not to spend too much money on watching the dark version of the legendary hero of the British epic, gave the film an average rating of B + , then the critics smashed the creation of Richie to smithereens. Nobody denies that The Sword of King Arthur is a performance with a huge budget, filmed in the director's style. And in its best moments the picture is breathtaking, but at its worst it turns into a second-rate blockbuster with absurd monsters and scenes that involuntarily cause laughter.


On the fourth line of the top 5 is another representative of blockbusters - " Fast and Furious 8 " added to its asset $ 5.3 million . Unlike the new Guardians of the Galaxy , F. Gary Gray never managed to raise an amount in the United States that even equals his production budget ( $ 250 million ). Now the sequel has $ 215 million , but, fortunately, foreign viewers have not lost interest in the franchise, which provided the tape with $ 1.19 billion at the worldwide box office.


Closes the five of the best " The Boss Baby " - after seven weeks at the box office, the animated film still enjoys the interest of the family audience, which brought an additional $ 4.6 million to the cartoon's piggy bank. Studio DreamWorks can be happy - their latest brainchild raised in home theaters $ 162.4 million and was liked by movie fans from other countries, where the achievements of a young boss are estimated at $ 294 , 1 million .

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