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Tom Hardy will travel to Bosnia

Image For more than 15 years in the big cinema, Tom Hardy managed to try on many characters, among them - the role of Tommy Conlon in the movie "Warrior". The film touches upon the themes of addiction, violence and heroism, and now Hardy and director Gavin O'Connor are ready to work together on a new project that raises the same questions.

According to the portal Variety , Hardy will star in the tape My War Gone By, I Miss It So , based on the memoirs of a war correspondent Anthony Lloyd . The actor will also be involved in producing the project along with O'Connor , who is entrusted with filming the film adaptation.

Lloyd grew up in a good family that followed military traditions, and from childhood he listened to stories about the exploits of his ancestors. Anthony wanted to see the war with his own eyes, so at the age of 26 he left England and went to document the conflict in Bosnia, where he witnessed the struggle of Serbs, Croats and Bosnian Muslims. Upon returning home, Lloyd , accustomed to the adrenaline of being in the midst of the fighting, had to fight drug addiction. In his memoirs, he wrote about his stay in Bosnia as part of the British army, about the divorce of his parents, separation from his father and the fight against heroin addiction.


“This story is cruel and painful at the same time. She explores not only the nature of addiction, but also the experience of being at war. I was amazed at the work of Anthony and his words. His opinion and the book are of great importance ", - admitted Hardy . According to O'Connor , from the very first pages he fell in love with the book Lloyd , which he calls nothing other than a kind of version of "Apocalypse Now".

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