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Joker and Harley will receive a separate movie

Image The Joker seems to be at the height of its popularity. No sooner had we announced that the studio Warner Bros. was preparing a separate film about the cult villain, when information about another project with the participation of the famous rival Batman was leaked to the press. According to the portal The Hollywood Reporter , WB has invited Glenn Ficarre and John Recua to lead the shooting of the film about Joker and Harley Quinn . The director's duo is known for the films This Stupid Love and Focus, and last year they had a hand in the launch of the television drama This Is Us.

The first rumors about the upcoming project appeared a month ago. Now it has become known that the film will be a criminal love story, and Jared Leto and Margot Robbie will return to the roles of Joker and Harley . That is, unlike the solo album Joker announced yesterday, this project will enter the cinematic universe DC . Work on the film about the criminal duo should begin immediately after the filming of the second "Suicide Squad", which has the highest priority for WB . It is unclear when this will happen, since the sequel recently lost its director, and the major has not yet found a new director.

According to insiders, such a rush is due to the fact that many actors from "Suicide Squad" have signed contracts that imply their appearance in future films of the universe. However, each agreement has an expiration date, and blockbusters DC will eventually cease to be a priority for the already busy Hollywood stars.


A logical question arises: what will happen to the spin-off about Harley Quinn with the participation of other famous opponents of Batman ? Some sources write that the film about Harley and Joker will replace this project, while others, on the contrary, claim that "The Sirens of Gotham City" are still in the works, and both characters appear there. After the release of "Suicide Squad" Jared Leto was unhappy with the amount of time that his hero spent in the final version of the blockbuster. Maybe the studio is trying to compensate for the lack of attention to his character with several films with the participation of The Joker .


Either way, moviegoers will have a wide range of films to choose from if WB gets things done. Now at the post-production stage is the Justice League, work on Aquaman is in full swing, shooting of Shazam should start early next year, and in 2019 the sequel Wonder Woman will be released, and this is without taking into account projects about other heroes like The Flash , Batgirl and Nightwing . For those who are not impressed by the cinematic universe, the bosses of WB are preparing an unrelated series of blockbusters about famous characters in the comics DC , and the first of them will just be Joker.

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Author: Jake Pinkman