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Universal will invite viewers to a fairytale world

Image Despite the fact that in 2008 the film adaptation of the fantasy saga "Spiderwick: The Chronicles" earned rave reviews in the press, it failed to recoup the cost of its creation. After the movie with a budget of $ 90 million completed the worldwide release with a result of $ 162 million , it became obvious that Nickelodeon Movies and Paramount Pictures won't dare to bring bestselling heroes Holly Black and Tony DiTerlizzi back to the big screen.

As Deadline has found out, Holly Black intends to make another attempt to conquer Hollywood. The popular American writer has sold to Universal the film adaptation rights of her novel The Cruel Prince . Although the book will only be out in print early next year, literary critics have already compared it with Alice in Wonderland and Pan's Labyrinth. The Cruel Prince is expected to launch a new book cycle Black , tentatively titled Folk of the Air / b>).

The main character of the novel will be 17-year-old Jude . Ten years ago, the girl's parents were killed, and she herself was kidnapped into a fabulous country, in which immortal sorcerers seized power. Over the years, Jude began to consider the wizarding world her second home, but this did not save her from constant ridicule and bullying from the cruel Prince Cardan . When one fine day a mysterious threat hangs over the fairyland, a mortal girl and an immortal youth will have to forget about old grievances and become allies ...


Reportedly, several leading Hollywood film companies were involved in the fight for the rights to film " The Cruel Prince ". The best offer from Holly Black was made by the bosses of the studio Universal . The major's partner in the work on the fantasy film will be the company of three-time Oscar nominee Michael De Luca - Michael De Luca Productions .

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Author: Jake Pinkman