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USAn Box Office trembles in fear of the xenomorph

Image The last days of May cannot be called deafeningly successful for domestic distributors. Even a new picture from the world-beloved universe of the Alien monster failed to intrigue our viewers as the distributors expected. The audience, who chose cinema as a way to spend their leisure last weekend, left at the box office a total of about 627 million rubles , which, according to analysts, was the third worst result in 2017. At the same time, the assortment of films of any genre and for every taste turned out to be rich. As expected, the first place in the financial rating was the horror " Alien: Covenant ". It may seem that this fact is at odds with the previous statement, but everything becomes clear when you look at his achievements.

The film Ridley Scott , which gave birth to the legendary franchise about xenomorphs, earned 256 million rubles. , which is 24% less than the starting indicator of "Prometheus" ( 326 million rubles.) - the previous part of the prequels. It is impossible to name the exact reason for the failure of the " Covenant ". Was it the maestro's bewildering plans for the episode, the cancellation of Neil Blomkamp's planned Alien 5, the slurred advertising campaign for the new project, or the lack of truly stellar faces other than Michael Fassbender? One way or another, even the return to the sequel of the monster itself, the absence of which in " Prometheus " did not like the moviegoers, as well as the explanation of its origin did not improve the situation.


Both critics and viewers coolly took the tape, loaded with philosophical fabrications and references to world literature and music. Even distributors are not sure about its future durability at the box office, and therefore asked partners from cinemas to leave more sessions for " Alien ", so that it was easier to compete with a fifth of Pirates of the Caribbean. And nevertheless, evaluating horror in isolation from the entire franchise, you can get pleasure, if not from a twisted plot and pleasant heroes, then certainly from a frightening atmosphere, skillfully delivered suspense, beautiful filming with practical effects and a game bordering on genius Fassbender , playing two roles here at once.

In addition, considering exclusively the genre of horror or thrillers, you can see that the next " Alien " debuted at the level of the recent "Split" ( 241 million rubles ), which is a good indicator , considering that the latter became a real hit of the box office, although it had much less advertising. It is unlikely that " Covenant " will reach the same heights, but this at least suggests that old Ridley has not lost his directorial acumen and may still surprise his fans.

ImageIn second place is an even more controversial project - a new film that has already become a cult Guy Ritchie. The epic fantasy thriller " The Sword of King Arthur " lost more than 50% of the starting fees, and received 146.5 million rubles . In total, the account of the film is 539 million rubles. , and the same dynamics was demonstrated at one time by "Agents of ANKL", which does not speak in favor of the film, because " Agents ”, despite all their daring swagger, were included in the lists of box office failures in 2015. The same may happen to " Arthur " - his global fundraising has not even covered the production budget yet.

Obviously, the modern reconstruction of famous British legends, loved by Richie since the days of "Sherlock Holmes", did not appeal to everyone. Fans of his early works lacked colorful characters and memorable dialogues full of black humor. At the same time, “ Sword ” is impeccable visually, and the director's signature style is perfectly guessed in his shooting and editing. It may be that Guy is simply uncomfortable within the fantasy framework, but, be that as it may, the plans of the studio Warner Bros. to build an entire franchise about the Knights of the Round Table after such failures were in question .

In contrast to the owner of the silver, the " Guardians of the Galaxy " who ended up on the third line have no problems. Although the sequel, directed by James Gunn , is gradually losing ground, its creators have nothing to complain about. At least in USA, their creation has a powerful army of fans, who in the third week of screenings brought the motley team of Peter Quill another 95 million rubles . Having stepped over the grandmasters' boundaries for a long time, " Guardians " can boast a total of 1.522 billion rubles and the title of the second most popular Marvel project in our country after “ Era of Ultron "( 1.547 million rubles. ). A little bit more, and this bar will also submit to a group of hooligans, criminals and outcasts, cheerful in any situation.

The fourth position was taken by the USA drama about the backstage of the brutal ballet life " Bolshoi ". No matter how close or, conversely, far our compatriots are from the theater, they still have a craving for ballet and an interest in its inner cuisine. This is confirmed by the fees - in the second week, the tape Valery Todorovsky earned 52 million rubles . All in all, the picture with the ever-beautiful Alisa Freundlich and Valentina Telichkina collected 164 million rubles .

The film, based on which the series has already been announced, was accepted without enthusiasm by the specialized press. Many journalists agreed that " Bolshoi " lost to Stephen Kantor's documentary "Dancer", which was released at about the same time, which tells about the ups and downs of the brilliant artist Sergei Polunin. For the truth about the cost to the ballet dancers, their glory, true life drama, strong emotions and creepy tones, it is worth going to the sessions of this British-Ukrainian-USA project. And yet, the brainchild of Todorovsky can captivate those who love beautiful success stories.


Closing the top five box office champions this week is the animated adventure film Feather Trio . On its first weekend, the cartoon Toby Henkel and Reza Memari earned 33 million rubles from young viewers and their parents. It is unlikely that he will have a long life at the box office, because soon young film fans will turn their attention to the legendary racer Lightning McQueen in the "Cars" triquel.

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