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Outer Space and Two Woody Allen: Watch This Week

Image The penultimate week of July will mark the release of the fantastic blockbuster Star Trek: Infinity - the 13th feature-length film of the cult media franchise and the third of the new trilogy for USA moviegoers. The helmsman of the first two films, we recall, was JJ Abrams, who later traded his brainchild for another space saga, passing the reins to Justin Lin.

Some longtime fans of Star Trek questioned whether the Fast and Furious film maker could adequately continue the work started by Abrams . It seems that their doubts will soon be dispelled - the first reviews for this blockbuster suggest that the change of director has gone to the benefit of the franchise. The Los Angeles journalists who attended the previews write that the triquel paid tribute to the original series (some even noted that the whole film looks like one of the episodes of this show), and also emphasize that, compared to the previous part, Infinity " is a huge step forward for the entire franchise, in terms of script, humor and other important indicators.

Star Trek: Infinity
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Recall that the events of the film unfold two years after the start of the five-year mission. The Enterprise's crew, led by Captain Kirk (Chris Pine), are attacked by aliens. The latter destroy the spaceship to smithereens, leaving the main characters on an unknown planet under the gun of a new enemy played by Idris Elba.

Social life
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If the space does not seduce you, and your soul asks for something less explosive and flickering, you can attend the premiere of Woody Allen's new film High Life , starring Kristen Stewart and Jesse Eisenberg. Jessie played a naive young man who came to Hollywood to conquer the film industry in the 30s of the last century, and Kristen appeared in the form of his beloved, who turned his head not only with her charms, but also exciting social events. Despite the fact that the first viewers greeted the tape rather cool (perhaps this is the fault of another scandal around the director's name), at the moment it has more positive reviews than negative ones. The next creation of the late Allen , although it turned out a little predictable,

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For horror fans, domestic distributors offer to quench their cinematic thirst with the film "And the lights go out ..." David F. Sandberg. This story of a ghost terrorizing brother and sister only in the dark has been named the most inventive horror film of the year by some publications, and has a 100% rating on RottenTomatoes at the time of this writing. Judging by the trailer, Sandberg has not escaped some of the genre's cliches, but the script, direction and performance of the main characters were considered by most critics to be impeccable. That David can be proud of his directorial debut became apparent after New Line invited him to direct Annabelle 2. Now you can see for yourself the consistency of a newcomer to the world of horror.

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A rare rental week is complete without French comedies, and the coming one will not do. Accidentally Pregnant is a sequel to the 2013 film, which was called "I Want It Like Bridget" in our box office. And if in the original Josephine was looking for great and pure love, simultaneously fighting with her own imperfection, then in the sequel she will have to realize herself as a mother and an adult responsible person, and in her ideal man she will find many new curious qualities. And of course, this project is designed primarily for the female sex, especially for those of its representatives who not so much"want as Bridget Jones ", but simply miss their favorite heroine of books and films and would like to spend time with her French version.


And finally, two years after the premiere at home, the Italian rom-com Moon over Turin reached our cinemas, which tells the story of the bankrupt Hugo , who rents out part of his villa to a beautiful girl Marie and student Dario . The comic effect is achieved due to the strangeness of the protagonist's character, his absurd but sincere love for Marie and the atmosphere of summer carelessness. It is worth noting that the film by Davide Ferrario won the longest applause at the Rome Film Festival, and the director himself is considered in Turin something like the local Woody Allen .

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