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The Rocketman is ready for a new flight

Image The Rocketman prepares to fly into the skies again - Disney has launched a sequel reboot of its classic adventure film. According to the site The Hollywood Reporter , the new project was named The Rocketeers ( The Rocketeers *), and its action will unfold at the beginning of the Cold War - six years after the events of the original.

The 1991 film, based on the Dave Stevens comic, tells the story of the pilot Cliff Sichord , who discovered a jetpack, which many were hunting for. According to the source, according to the plot of the new film, Secord disappeared fighting the Nazis, and an African American pilot will now take his place. She has to stop an ambitious, corrupt scientist intent on stealing jetpack technology to change the course of the Cold War.

The original film grossed $ 46.7 million , and then the management of Disney considered this a failure. Since then, however, the band's army of fans has continued to grow.


The script will be written by Max Winkler (The Wedding) and Matthew Spicer, and will be produced by Brigham Taylor (The Jungle Book) with two athletes, basketball player Blake Griffin and American football player Ryan Kalil. They also came up with the idea of creating a reboot.

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