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Cheerful Bridget and Unyielding Snowden: Watch This Week

Image The next week will do without promoted blockbusters - their place in our box office will be taken by an old friend Bridget Jones and a tabloid hero, winner of the "For the Right Way of Life" award, ex-American intelligence officer Edward Snowden. In addition, fans of slashers will have another creation by Rob Zombie, and viewers who believe in the healing power of laughter - a new comedy with Sergei Svetlakov.

“Bridget Jones's Diary”, the first film about the most famous heroine Renee Zellweger, was released in 2001 and became a real revelation for USA spectators: attempts to start a new life, losing weight and dressing, were made at least once in her life by any woman slightly over 30. And that fact that most often these attempts end in front of the TV with a huge bucket of ice cream in hand and a burning sense of guilt, became fertile ground for the creation of a series of rom-coms. To her triquel Bridget approached, it would seem,"in full combat readiness for infinite happiness", but it was not there: a sudden pregnancy will make a pretty, but a little awkward blonde re-evaluate values and embrace the frightening changes in your body. In addition, Bridget Jones does not know who the father of the child is,

Bridget Jones 3
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The first viewers of the movie "Bridget Jones 3" were delighted with what they saw. Moreover, among the authors of positive reviews were both women and men. In particular, the latter noted that for all these years the heroine Rene has not lost a single drop of her neurotic charm. However, the same critics, just in case, hinted to the Working Title company that the picture itself would be a worthy conclusion to the trilogy that the audience loved.

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The biographical drama Snowden , starring Joseph Gordon-Levitt as the title character, tells the story of how a man who dreamed of serving his country from a young age made the biggest exposure in world history. By revealing the shocking truth about the US intelligence services, he sacrificed everything he had and became an example for millions of citizens who think about their freedoms. Based on this story, director Oliver Stone shot a controversial, visually very interesting and at the same time relevant picture, which is sure to cause an ambiguous reaction from the public. So if you are not in the mood to watch the plump Bridget fall face down again, literally and figuratively, then this thoughtful political drama can be a good alternative.


Meanwhile, domestic filmmakers are trying to keep up with the British and churning out one comedy after another. The new creation of our comedians is the film "The Groom" with Sergei Svetlakov in the role of the silly loser Anatoly . Tolik decided to take his ex-wife away from her new fiance - a handsome German man with a white-toothed smile and a Schengen visa. When buying a ticket for a session of this tape, you can safely count on an abundance of jokes about sanctions and mozzarella, a rich play on the inexhaustible theme of the confrontation between the USAs and the Germans, indispensable feasts with subsequent massacre and, of course, morality. Moreover, the moral is quite modern - all men are goats, which means that you need to choose the one with the Schengen area.

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If your soul asks for something so original, you can go to the thriller Nerve , stylistically reminiscent of the works of Nicholas Winding Refn, and in terms of subject matter is designed for the modern viewer who is used to getting strong emotions from their gadgets. The plot revolves around a shy girl named Vee (Emma Roberts), caught up in a mysterious online game. If, in an effort to win, the main character does not follow the rules, then she may lose not only the desire to use the Internet for the rest of her life, but also life itself. The movie turned out to be energetic and exciting enough that your time while watching it flew by unnoticed, and talented Emma and Dave Franco managed to make this fictional story as realistic as possible.

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Horror fans will enjoy the projects The Final Turning and 31: The Celebration of Death in neighboring cinemas. The first is a classic horror movie about"suckers in wheelbarrows"who intend to test on their own skin the veracity of the local tale about a frightening ghost. The second is the new work of the aforementioned Rob Zombie, whose heroes will also be involved in a game of chance, only much more bloody and merciless than Vee and her partner.


And for sweetness, domestic distributors left us the Spanish comedy "Secrets of Sex and Love" : five different couples in the scenery of Madrid discover new horizons of bodily pleasures. For some, such experiments turn out to be a shock, some have fun from the heart, but critics thought that all this looks quite aesthetically pleasing and sophisticated to appreciate "Secrets of Sex" on the big screen.

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