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The Warrens will take on a new case

Image For those following the development of the The Conjuring franchise, it will hardly come as a surprise that New Line has decided to launch the third installment of the main film series. According to the site Deadline , the project is still at an early stage, but the major has already invited David Leslie Johnson , the writer of the second "The Conjuring", to work on the text of the new film.

James Wang is expected to be among the producers of the triquel, but his return to the director's chair is uncertain. Most likely, New Line bosses will find another director for the project. There are no potential candidates yet, but the question is whether the franchise can keep its sinister magic without a creator at the helm.

It is not yet known what the third film will tell about, but not so long ago, producer Peter Safran admitted in an interview with reporters that they did not plan to send the Warrens couple to another damned house - the film series will change direction a little, adopting one of Ed and Lorraine investigations.


The third "The Conjuring" does not have a premiere date yet, but without another portion of the horror from Wang and the company, moviegoers will not remain - in August the horror "The Curse of Annabelle: The Origin of Evil" , which has already begun to collect positive reviews, and next year viewers will learn the origin story of the demonic nun from "The Conjuring 2" .

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Author: Jake Pinkman