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Lifetime is preparing Michael Jackson's biopic

Image What ideas do producers have when it comes to Michael Jackson . Thus, the studio Warner Bros. is preparing a series about the last months of the singer's life, and the company Starburns Industries wants to make a cartoon about the domestic chimpanzee Jackson . Now, the channel Lifetime has joined the list of those who wish to capture the events from the life of this iconic figure of the American pop scene.

During the winter press tour of the Television Critics Association ( TCA ), the channel's management announced that it is starting work on the biopic Jackson with the working title Michael Jackson: Searching for Neverland , which tells about the last years of the singer's life from the point of view of his bodyguards.

It is even known who will play the role of Jackson in the film - Navi, the world's best imitator of a musician, and one of the bodyguards, Bill Whitefield , will be played by Chad L. Coleman (“The Walking dead "/ The Walking Dead ," Expansion "/ The Expanse ). The script was written by Elizabeth Hunter ("Beauty Salon"), and Dianne Houston ("Knights of the South Bronx") will direct the film. Filming will begin next month.


Jackson's biopic is just one of the new projects of Lifetime . The channel also decided to work again with James Franco - this time on the romantic thriller High School Lover , and is preparing the drama Custody with Viola Davis.

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Author: Jake Pinkman