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We lived with a granny

Image Seventeen of the eighteen books by British writer Jane Green made it to the The New York Times bestseller list, but Hollywood was in no hurry to acquire the rights to film them. The independent film company Good Deed Entertainment intends to rectify the situation. According to Deadline , the Californian studio is preparing to bring the characters from The Beach House to the big screen.

Nan Powell believed she had enough savings to face old age with dignity. However, a few years after the death of her husband, she discovered that the balance in her account was rapidly approaching zero. To improve her financial situation, 65-year-old Nan decides to rent rooms at her beach house on Nantucket Island. Soon, an amazing company is gathering under his roof, thanks to which Powell's life takes on a new meaning ...

The adaptation of the novel will be done by a young screenwriter Megan Hughes, who had no previous experience in big movies.


Green will act as consultant for the project and will share production with Christie Fletcher (Rite) and Leonard Shapiro (Reservoir Dogs Time).

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Author: Jake Pinkman