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Is Harrelson mentor again?

Image It seems that Woody Harrelson liked to feel like a mentor and a kind of older brother. More recently, he carefully mentored the heroes Jennifer Lawrence and Josh Hutcherson in the Hunger Games film series. Now, as reported by Variety , Harrelson is looking into the role of mentor of Han Solo himself.

This is an upcoming, yet untitled film dedicated to the young years of the charming smuggler and pilot of the Millennium Falcon . The scene is a distant, distant galaxy. Time of action - between the films "Star Wars. Episode III. Revenge of the Sith "and" Star Wars. Episode IV. A new hope. ”

The film will tell about a series of events that turned a young man into an incredulous cynic and money-hungry swindler. Of course, there will also be a place in the tape for the permanent co-pilot of the Millennium Falcon - a mighty Wookiee named Chewbacca . Details of the appearance of the character Woody Harrelson have not yet been disclosed.


The main role in the spin-off will be played by the young actor Alden Ehrenreich, who became necessary for everyone after the Coen brothers' film "Long Live Caesar!" Also in the cast are Emilia Clarke and Donald Glover. The director's helm is Phil Lord and Chris Miller, who directed the pleasant animation “Lego. Film". The production is run by Disney .

As is the case with the Rogue One. Star Wars: Tales ”, the events of the spin-off will not be directly related to the main storyline of the franchise.

Han Solo first appeared on the screens in 1977 in the movie Star Wars. Episode IV. New Hope". Thanks to his charisma, sense of humor and controversial nature, in the blink of an eye, he became almost the main favorite of the audience, eclipsing even the leading actors. And Harrison Ford returned three more times to the hero who made him a world star: in the films “Star Wars. Episode V. The Empire Strikes Back "," Star Wars. Episode VI. Return of the Jedi "and" Star Wars. Episode VII. The Force Awakens.

The spin-off about Han Solo is expected to be released in December 2018.

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