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The Conjuring 2 will receive another spin-off

Image Few thought in 2013 that the horror movie "The Conjuring " would be the beginning of a new franchise and would bring considerable dividends to its creators. As a result, the director James Wan received an offer to lead the filming of the seventh "Fast and the Furious" and is now engaged in the blockbuster "Aquaman", and the film series itself has since been replenished with a sequel and a couple of spin-offs.

According to the site The Hollywood Reporter , the horror franchise will not stop there: Studio New Line has ordered another film about the demon from the second "The Conjuring". The main character of the new film will be The Hunchback - a character from the children's song"There was a hunchback on a humpbacked bridge ...", who terrorized a family from Anfield.

Apparently, the new project will tell the back story of The Hunchback as it was done in "The Curse of Annabelle", dedicated to the demonic doll. The text of the spin-off, based on a story invented by James Wan , will be written by aspiring author Mike Van Wees. He is already familiar with New Line - in March, the studio bought from him the rights to the script for a horror movie set in Oz.


The The Hunchback is a fairly popular character in English folklore. Only last year, the film of the same name went to the screens, and recently a rhyme about it could be heard from the lips of one of the heroes of the third season of "Fargo".

The "Conjuring" universe will continue in August, when the horror movie "The Curse of Annabelle 2" will be released, and next year the demonic nun from "Conjure 2" will get its own film.

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Author: Jake Pinkman