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Holocaust in confession format. Paradise Drama Trailer

Image In September it became known that the new project of Andrey Konchalovsky "Paradise" could compete for the " Oscar " if it January 24 five nominees for the Best Foreign Language Film. In the meantime, academics are choosing foreign favorites, we have the opportunity to evaluate the trailer for this military drama, one of the main roles in which was played by the director's wife, Julia Vysotskaya.

The plot focuses on the story of a woman named Olga - a USA immigrant aristocrat and a member of the French Resistance. During one of the checks, she is arrested by the Nazis and sent to prison, where she becomes the object of the passion of the Frenchman leading her case. The main character enters into an intimate relationship with him, hoping in this way to find freedom, but fate disposes of her life differently. Olga ends up in a concentration camp, where she meets an old acquaintance - an SS officer hopelessly in love with her. Helmut begins to plan a joint escape, and meanwhile for his beloved the promised mythical "paradise" is getting further and further.

Paradise , filmed in an unusual manner, reminiscent of interrogation and confession at the same time, was presented to the first viewers at the Venice Film Festival (in 2014 Konchalovsky painting "White nights of the postman Alexei Tryapitsyn"). The drama received the most favorable reviews from both the public and venerable reviewers. Film fans noted that the director managed to prove himself well in the genre of military retro, and critics stressed that his new work is very bold, provocative and stylistically verified. In their opinion, after watching this film, it is difficult to believe that the director is 79 years old, so powerful and relevant it turned out.


The premiere of "Paradise" in USA will take place on January 19 next year.

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Author: Jake Pinkman