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Flying Through the Night on the Wings of Syfy

Image Another work of the cult writer George R.R. Martina will move to small screens. According to a press release from Syfy , the cable channel has launched a pilot episode of the series based on Flying Through the Night .

Development of the project started just a month ago, but it looks like the bosses of Syfy were happy with what they saw. It is noteworthy that the work was already adapted for large screens in 1987, but the film "Night Flight" by Robert Collector was received negatively.

The script for the new series was written by Jeff Buhler.The project is described as a thriller with elements of the supernatural, the action of which will unfold in the future. A group of eight scientists and a telepath is sent on an expedition through the solar system to establish contact with representatives of the alien race. On the way, they are accompanied by the ship's crew, led by a strange captain who never appears in front of the passengers. Soon, due to terrible events, the heroes begin to doubt each other, and it will be much more difficult to survive the expedition than they could have imagined ...


George R.R. himself Martin will not be involved in the project, but among the producers of the show you can see the name of Doug Lyman with the fantastic "Edge of the Future" and "Teleport" in his track record, and the scriptwriter Jeff Buhler already had dealing with horror - he is the author of the lyrics for "Midnight Express" and the upcoming remake of "Jacob's Ladders."

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Author: Jake Pinkman