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German ghosts will reach America

Image In recent years, movie theaters have been inundated with so many horror films that many Hollywood companies have begun to have serious problems finding new stories for their horror films. Some American studios were forced to start creating numerous spin-offs of already promoted franchises, while others decided to turn to European cinema for ideas.

According to Variety , LD Entertainment , a California-based company, has acquired the rights to an English-language remake of the German horror film You Promised It . The original film was released in 2012 and won the prestigious Fantasporto International Film Festival award for director and screenwriter Alex Schmidt.

The main heroines of the film are two ex-girlfriends who have not seen each other for the past 25 years. The women decide to remember their youth and go on a journey to a small island where most of their childhood was spent. They do not even realize that in a memorable place they will meet frightening ghosts of the past ...


The remake script will be written by Styles White and his wife Juliet Snowden . The couple are already well acquainted with the horror genre: several years ago they composed the plot of the first part of the Ouiji. Devil's board. " The story of the damned Ouija board was so liked by the bosses of the studio Blumhouse Productions that they decided to appoint White himself as the director of the horror film. Although Ouiji has received extremely low ratings from the world's leading film critics, it has managed to earn more than $ 103 million worldwide on a modest budget of $ 5 million .

Hollywood insiders are still at a loss to say whether Styles White is claiming the director's chair for the remake of the movie " You Promised It ", or whether it will be limited only to the functions of a screenwriter.


LD Entertainment will produce the film with Mickey Liddell (Brawl), Pete Shileimon (Jackie) and Michael J. Gaeta (Fright Night).

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Author: Jake Pinkman