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Fox Explains the Power of Prayer

Image The 20th Century Fox film company decided to remind viewers that sometimes real miracles happen in life. Hollywood studio has begun work on the adaptation of the book Joyce Smith The Impossible , reports Deadline .

At the moment, the literary work is just being prepared for publication. In her book, Smith tells the amazing story of how the power of prayer helped her bring her son back to life. In early 2015, 14-year-old John Smith fell through the ice on Lake St. Louis. The teenager spent 15 minutes in cold water, after which he was taken to a nearby hospital. For almost half an hour, the doctors tried to start John's heart , but all their efforts were in vain.

The head of the resuscitation team was about to announce the time of death when the boy's mother entered the room. In desperation, Joyce turned to God, and after a moment, John finally had a pulse. According to the doctors, they witnessed a real miracle, because as a result, the teenager did not have any brain lesions.


The news of the miraculous rescue of John Smith spread throughout all the leading news agencies in the United States, after which his mother decided to describe the events of that terrible day in a book. For the rights to the manuscript, a serious auction broke out, which was won by Hachette Books . Joyce is expected to be available later this year. Its adaptation for the big screen will be dealt with by Grant Niporte ("Seven Lives").

The Impossible will be produced by Devon Franklin , who already has experience working on projects about near-death experiences. Last year, Franklin had a hand in the creation of the Christian drama Miracles from Heaven, which grossed more than $ 73 million on a modest $ 13 million budget.

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