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Brooklyn Director Explains Marriage Challenges

Image Someone prefers to make films based on original scripts, someone chooses stories based on real events, and the Irish director John Crowley , apparently, loves to deal with adaptations of literary works. Among his works is the drama Boy A with Andrew Garfield based on the novel of the same name by Jonathan Triggel and the three Oscar nominations for Brooklyn based on the book by Colm Toybin, starring Saoirse Ronan. In addition, the director is assigned to the adaptation of the best-selling American writer Donna Tartt's The Goldfinch, and he is not going to dwell on this .

According to the information portal Deadline , the director has decided to add to his piggy bank another project based on a book. He plans to film the recently published novel by Bernard McLaverty, Midwinter Break, , which has been acquired by the UK-based company Film4 . The film will be produced by Guy Healy ("Denial"), but McLaverty will take over the script for the future film.

In the center of the novel arean elderly couple Jerry and Stella Gilmore flying to Amsterdam for the weekend. The four-day trip, during which the characters were originally supposed to refresh their feelings, exposes the deep uncertainties and doubts that exist between the spouses.


Jerry , once an architect, does not like to change his habits. Stella is tired of her lifestyle, worried about marriage and angry at her husband for constantly questioning her faith in God. They do not help to find a common language and memories of difficult times in their native Ireland. As the couple's winter journey comes to an end, we realize how far apart they are and can only watch them try to save themselves.

McLaverty is considered one of the greatest contemporary Irish writers, and his latest novel, Midwinter Break , is critically acclaimed as a tender, intimate and heartbreaking story that is an in-depth exploration of human love and how people are influenced by several decades of life together.

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