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Team 2 of Deadpool welcomes newcomer

Image Some films make it to the theaters without any problems, while others remain in preproduction for several years. It has become almost a tradition for Hollywood studios to launch sequels to successful films and even set dates for the premiere without having a ready-made script on hand. However, in the case of " Deadpool ", 20th Century Fox decided to take their time.

In general, the only thing known about the upcoming second part is that the shooting will be headed by David Leitch ("John Wick"), who replaced Tim Miller. There were a lot of rumors about who should play Cable and Domino , but the studio did not make any official statements. It is not even clear when the major plans to start filming the sequel, but the journalists of the Collider portal found out who is currently writing the film.

Earlier, over the text of the second "Deadpool" , we recall, the writers of the first part Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick were poring over, but now they will be accompanied by one more person - Drew Goddard . It is noteworthy that he was a rival of David Leitch in the fight for the director's chair of the project.


In the track record of Goddard , you can find many interesting projects. So, he was the director and screenwriter of the horror film "Cabin in the Woods" and one of those who gave life to Daredevil on Netflix . Drew authored lyrics for "The Martian", which brought him nominations for "Oscars" , "Monstro" and at one time was even listed as the director of "Sinister Six", while the studio Sony didn't put the project on the shelf.

With the script for Deadpool 2 almost ready, there will probably be news soon about when the chatty mercenary will be back in theaters.

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Author: Jake Pinkman