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The King's Babes Hit the Cinema

Image Stephen King's works have been filmed many times. Some adaptations, like "Carrie" or "The Shining", have become classics of cinema, and some have gone unnoticed. This summer, viewers had the opportunity to see the film version of The Dark Tower, but it disappointed most of the Horror King fans. But the horror movie "It" found its way to the hearts of cinephiles, and the $ 190 million earned by him in the first weekend is a clear confirmation of this.

On this wave, in the near future, moviegoers will probably hear more than once about new film adaptations of King . The portal Deadline has information that now Hollywood will take on the story "Children in a Cage" (in another translation "Let the Children" ) from the collection "Nightmares and fantastic visions" . King wrote the piece back in 1972, and it is about anelderly primary school teacher who suddenly notices strange things happening to her students. One boy makes her think that some kind of creature has possessed him and his classmates. In addition, people in the city begin to die mysteriously. The main character suspects that either she is paranoid, or something terrible is really happening ...

The story will be adapted by aspiring director Sean Carter , who has just finished work on his first feature film, the horror movie Hack. Craig J. Flores (300: Rise of an Empire), Nicolas Cartier (Dallas Buyers Club) and Sriram Das (In the Woods) will be producing the new project.


Stephen King's artistic views left a mark on my soul as a teenager. The story "Children in a Cage" is a classic paradigm of the writer: the main character with her own problems finds herself in the midst of shocking events ", - noted Carter .

So far, the director's debut work does not even have a premiere date, so it is difficult to assess his style and assume that he will end up with the adaptation of Children in a Cage .

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Author: Jake Pinkman