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Navigator's Devil Flight

Image Flight of the Navigator was one of the few 80s Disney films filmed in dark, unaccustomed studio tones. Now that "Mysterious Events" and "It" have proved that the audience remains interested in that period, Randal Kleizer's fantastic picture will finally get a second life.

As Variety found out, Lionsgate and The Henson Company are preparing a remake of The Navigator's Flight. Details of the future tape have not been disclosed at the moment, but it will be scripted by showrunner "Lucifer" Joe Henderson, also known for his work on the series "Almost Human" and "11.22.63".

Recall that the original tape tells about 12-year-old David, who once lost consciousness and woke up eight years later. But David's peers have matured during this time, and he looks the same as on that ill-fated day when he disappeared. It turns out that eight years ago he was taken by an alien ship, with which the protagonist now has a close relationship, and this makes David the ideal guinea pig for the government ...


Flight of the Navigator can hardly be called one of the iconic films of the 80s. However, fans of cinema appreciate him for his use of the first CGI-effects for that time and the voice of Paul Rubens, who voiced the ship's computer named Max. It is worth noting that the Disney studio already tried to revive Flight of the Navigator in 2009, a few years later Colin Trevorrow and Derek Connolly (Jurassic World) took up the text of the remake, but none of the attempts were successful. Perhaps Lionsgate will have better luck.

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Author: Jake Pinkman