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Casting: Lowe to managers, Walken to De Niro

Image We recently reported that Rooney Mara has landed the lead role in the musical drama Vox Lux , directed by Brady Corbett (Leader's Childhood). Now it became known who will be the actress's on-screen partner - Jude Law signed up to take part in the filming of the film, as reported by the site Variety .

The film will focus on the singer Celeste and her difficult path to fame: it took the heroine 15 long years to become a celebrity. Through the prism of her life, the film will show the main cultural events of the 21st century.All musical compositions for the project will be written by singer Sia.

Lowe got the role of the main character's manager in the drama. Next year the actor can be seen in the movie "The Sword of King Arthur", and Jude plans to work on the third "Sherlock Holmes".


Robert De Niro and Christopher Walken will work together again - this time, the actors will meet on the set of the comedy " War with Grandpa ". Based on the plot of the novel by Robert Kimmel Smith,tells the story of a boy named Peter who has to choose between loving his grandfather and his own bedroom. The thing is that a grandfather forced to move cannot sleep in the attic, which means that the grandson is forced to sacrifice his room. However, he does not intend to surrender without a fight, and arranges a real war for territory.

The main role in the film, as we wrote in June, will be played by De Niro , and Walken will play his best friend. Also in the cast of the film by Tim Hill ("Alvin and the Chipmunks") are Max Jenkins and Eugene Levy.


Nicholas Hoult (Mad Max: Fury Road) is negotiating a role in The War of the Currents . If all goes well, the actor will play Nikola Tesla and join Benedict Cumberbatch and Michael Shannon, who got the images of Thomas A. Edison and George Westinghouse, respectively. Alfonso Gomez-Reyon (Me, Earl and the Dying Girl) will lead the filming of the project.The action of the tape will unfold in the 80s of the XIX century, when Edison and Westinghouse staged a patent battle for the use of direct and alternating currents.

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