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Image Ten years ago, Paul Dano starred in one of the most entertaining novelties of 2006 - the comedy drama Little Miss Happiness. Since then, filmmakers have used his talent in a wide variety of productions: from independent films to high-budget action films. Today, The Tracking Board reports that Paul , 32, is ready to try his hand at directing. His full-length debut should be a film adaptation of Richard Ford Wildlife .

The dramatic story of 16-year-old Joe Brinson is set in the fall of 1960 in Great Falls, Montana. The hero of the novel moves to this city with his family - father Jerry and mother Jeanette . Jerry believes Montana is the perfect place for people like him: humble people looking to make money and power. The plans of the head of the family, however, collapse: father Joe loses his job and, angry with the world, leaves to extinguish the forest fires impending on the city. Joe 's mother, meanwhile, is having an affair with one of those who Jerry so wanted to be ... A teenager who has opened up his parents from a new, frightening side, asks himself an almost rhetorical question: Will my world ever be the same? ”<
Wildlife was published in 1990. Three years earlier, the critically acclaimed collection of short stories " Rock Springs " was released, and in 1996 the novel " Independence Day " made the writer a Pulitzer Prize winner / b>. It is reported that the author of the original is working on the script for the future picture.


The last acting work at the moment is Dano - Count Pierre Bezukhov in the British television adaptation of "War and Peace" ( War & Peace ) and befriended corpse Hank in the painting "The Swiss Knife Man".

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