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It's already inside. Virus Trailer

Image A dubbed trailer of the unscientific fantasy horror film " Virus " has appeared on the Internet. In the USA, the film was released simultaneously in cinemas (limited release) and on the Internet service "video on demand". A typicalB-moviesrepresentative, judging by the distribution strategy and geography (as well as by the scanty fees), has a bouncy preview, an 18+ rating and even a playful pornographic slogan: “You can't run away, when it's already inside”. For fans of the genre, it may well be a pleasant surprise.

Increased appetite, fever, coughing up blood, seizures are the first signs that a mind-enslaving parasite worm has entered your body. Suddenly and rapidly, a dreadful "worm flu" pandemic breaks out. In a small town turned into a quarantine zone, a high school student Emma , together with her lover, neighbor Evan , are trying to survive, repelling the attacks of the infected. Along the way, they are trying to extract from the older sister Emma the creature lodged in her.

American director's tandem Just - Shulman is known for the third and fourth parts of "The Paranormal Activity". In addition, in parallel with " Virus ", their most successful work, "Nerve", came out in their homeland. The leading actress, the promising Sophia Black-D'Elia, could be seen in Timur Bekmambetov's Ben-Hur this year. The film's production team has presented the world with extremely unequal examples of the genre: "Sinister", "Astral" and "Doomsday", therefore, the intrigue concerning the quality of the final product will accompany the project until its release.

Duplicate trailer

The USA release is scheduled for November 17 , but for now you can admire the worms in your eyeballs and try to believe the perky rhythm and convincing suspense of the trailer.

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Author: Jake Pinkman