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Did Marvel remember Blade?

Image Several years ago, Marvel reclaimed the rights to popular comic book characters such as Ghost Rider, Punisher, Daredevil and Blade. If the first three have already received a new life in the popular TV series of the Marvel universe, then the fate of the charismatic vampire hunter still remains in limbo.

Rumors that Marvel may return Blade to the screens first appeared in the summer of 2014, but the studio has not yet used this character in any of its film and television projects.

Graphic novelist and host of several Marvel shows, Lorraine Sink, tweeted yesterday: “I had the opportunity to meet actor Jeff Ward from Agents of SHIELD. I look forward to your response to our new projects. Keep a close eye on the news in 2018. #AgentSHIET #Blade". The post was soon deleted, but by that time, comic book fans had already spread the news on the Internet that Lorraine had mentioned Blade for some reason.


It is possible that studio Marvel may involve a half-human, half-vampire in the plot of the current season of "Agents of SHIELD." It was thanks to this popular ABC series that Ghost Rider returned to the screens last year.

Wesley Snipes has already responded to rumors about the possible return of the hunter to the bloodsucker. “When asked who could be the next Blade, the answer is 'There can only be one Blade',” the 55-year-old actor tweeted.


It is worth noting that Blade's participation in any Marvel movie or TV series has not yet been confirmed by official representatives of the studio.

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