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Sally Field has an anniversary!

Image Today the 70th anniversary is celebrated by the legend of cinema and television Sally Field , whose screen career began in the distant 1960s and continues to this day.

Every time when it comes to famous and experienced artists, it is not so much the number of their awards and regalia that amazes, but also the numbers opposite the word "filmography". Sally Field is an actress of this magnitude: she has been working in film and TV for over half a century. Sally was born in California in 1946. She is a true American: on the maternal side, her family tree goes back to the first British settlers who sailed to North America on the Mayflower . However, her family is by no means part of the old American aristocracy.

Field , like most other actors, began her career with comedy roles on television. Her first appearance on the screen - a cameo role in the satirical sci-fi comedy "Lunar Pilot", filmed by The Walt Disney Company and reflecting the enthusiasm of the already middle-aged Walt Disney at the time of the emerging era of space exploration.

ImageIn that picture the surname Sally is not even was listed in the credits, but three years later she landed the lead role in the series about the surfer girl "Gidget" ( Gidget ). The project only lasted 32 episodes on screen and was canceled due to low ratings. Nevertheless, this work turned Field into an idol for young people and gave her another chance to successfully climb to the top of the Hollywood Olympus. Another leading role in the comedy went to her in the TV series "The Flying Nun" ( The Flying Nun ). Throughout his career, Field has played in serials and television films rarely familiar to domestic viewers, but there is one exception: in USA Sally remembered for the role of Maggie Weisenski in the cult medical show "Ambulance" ( ER ).

On the big screen, the actress has also grown into a real bright star. After " Lunar Pilot " she worked hard until she started getting starring roles in both dramas and comedies. She won her first Oscar for her role in the social drama Norma Ray, which tells the story of the confrontation between a young worker and the owners of a textile factory. She also won the Best Actress Award at the Cannes Film Festival in 1980 for her portrayal of a trade unionist.


The second " Oscar " the actress was awarded only four years later ("A Place in the Heart") - she played a farm widow raising two children during the Great Depression . Her next most coveted film award nomination came in 2013 for her role as the murdered American president's wife in Lincoln, but she lost to Anne Hathaway. The actress has also been nominated and received other major professional awards: a total of 43 awards in her piggy bank, including the two aforementioned Oscars , two Golden Globes , three statuettes Emmy ”and many other accolades from colleagues and critics.

She played memorable roles not only at the dawn of her career, but also in later films such as "Steel Magnolias", "Mrs. Doubtfire" and "Forrest Gump". Finally, her cinematic image is familiar even to very young viewers: Sally became one of the on-screen incarnations of the comic Aunt May in both parts of The Amazing Spider-Man.


Throughout her creative life, Sally Field has managed to try herself as a screenwriter, and in producing, and in directing. The closest appearance of a star on the screen should take place in the new family comedy The Birches, which is still under development.

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