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Zach Braff will spend the night with a corpse

Image In 2004, the popular American actor Zach Braff decided to try himself as a director. The film "Land of Gardens" was warmly received by critics and brought the star of the comedy series "Clinic" ( Scrubs ) the prestigious Independent Spirit Awards for best directorial debut.

In recent years, Braff has again begun to actively work on the other side of the camera. Zach recently finished filming Leaving Nicely starring Morgan Freeman, Michael Caine, Matt Dillon and Anne-Margrethe, and now he's found a new project. As reported by The Tracking Board , Braff accepted an invitation from the studio Working Title to stage the black comedy Crash * ( Bump ), whose script at the end of last year was included in the famous Blacklist of Hollywood's best unrealized ideas. The plot of the film was invented by the debutants of the world of big cinema - Ori Guendelman and Rob McClelland.

The protagonist of the story will be a young lawyer Thomas , who brought down a man on the most important day of his life. The protagonist will spend the next night trying to get rid of the dead man, who will turn out to be far from being such an innocent victim of a traffic accident as it looks at first glance ...


The film will be produced by Tim Bevan ("The Big Lebowski", "The Tudors" / The Tudors ), Eric Fellner ("Fargo") and Lisa Chaisin ("Love Actually").

* - preliminary translation.

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