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Episode 9 is looking for a new director

Image No sooner had the Star Wars universe recovered from the scandal surrounding the dismissal of Chris Miller and Phil Lord as directors of the film about Han Solo , when another disappointing one arrived from a distant galaxy. news. Lucasfilm and Disney have released a joint statement announcing that Colin Trevorrow is no longer directing Episode 9.

The said statement indicated that the reason for this decision was creative differences. However, Trevorrow was promoted to directing the film two years ago, and during that time, their collaboration with Lucasfilm went smoothly. The filmmaker even wrote the script for the ninth episode with Derek Connolly. And now, when only a few months were left before the start of filming of the space blockbuster, the producers decided that the concept of Trevorrow did not suit them.

The first alarm bell rang last month when Jack Thorne ("How I Love Now") was asked to revise the script. On the other hand, a change in director could be beneficial for the ninth episode. Trevrow was invited into the Star Wars universe, citing his very good indie drama Security Not Guaranteed, as well as the success of Jurassic World. However, the latter has collected a huge box office largely due to the popularity of the franchise itself, since there are many flaws in the tape. After Trevorrow he shot Henry's Book, which the reviewers eventually smashed to smithereens.


Now Lucasfilm and Disney are faced with the task of finding a new director for the ninth episode of the space saga. Insiders report that the main contender is Ryan Johnson , who is currently finishing work on the eighth part. Cooperation with him was rather painless, and Johnson himself expressed a desire to make another film in the franchise in his interviews. If the producers eventually come to an agreement with Ryan , then the filming of the project can be postponed until the spring or summer of next year, so that the newly minted director has time to prepare for them.


This is not the first time that the Star Wars universe has experienced difficulties with offscreen permutations. Chris Miller and Phil Lord have nearly finished work on the Han Solo spin-off, but screenwriter Lawrence Kasdan did not like their shooting style and the final result ... The duo were fired and replaced by Ron Howard. Additional filming of Rogue One was problematic - Gareth Edwards was removed from them, and the more experienced Tony Gilroy was appointed curator. Apparently, now the producers of the cult film series will rely not on talented novice directors, but on time-tested professionals. A striking example of this is the three-time Oscar nominee Stephen Daldry, who is developing the solo album for Obi-Wan .

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Author: Jake Pinkman