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The US Box Office is home to fantastic critters

Image At the end of the weekend ( November 18-20 ), the situation in the top 5 of the North American box office practically did not change, except for the fact that the financial rating was topped by a new leader. As expected, the first line was taken by the fantasy film " Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them ", which managed to break away from the competition.

Painting David Yates in its first weekend earned $ 75 million , but some journalists still predicted it a much larger amount. The fact is that an attempt to lure into the magical world created by J.K. Rowling, the young moviegoers was not very successful. According to statistics, viewers under 18 made up only 18% of the total audience.

Among the films of the Harry Potter universe Fantastic Beasts had the weakest start, but performed at about the same level as the Order of the Phoenix ( $ 77.1 million ) and The Half-Blood Prince ( $ 77.8 million ). The latter two eventually earned $ 292 million and $ 301 million , respectively, and if Yates' tape follows the example of its predecessors, it will have to rely on viewers outside the United States to recoup your $ 180 million budget and generate Warner Bros. profits. In addition, the Hollywood studio announced plans to create a whole pentalogy of magical creatures even before the film was released.


The results of the first weekend show that overseas audiences are ready to help the Harry Potter spin-off, as evidenced by the $ 143.3 million that went to the film's piggy bank. According to this indicator, the brainchild of Yeats closes the list of 30 films with the best start outside the United States in the history of the box office.

In terms of reviews, audiences and most critics agreed that the film was beautiful. The moviegoers gave the film an excellent A mark. As for the reviewers, they praise the great visuals, the perfect cast, and are happy to be back in the world of magic. However, there were also those who discovered flaws in the tape. One is Yeats trying to fit too much mythology into timing, but rather a side effect of the director's task of laying the foundation for a new franchise.


Another magician has dropped to the second line - " Doctor Strange " lost 59% of the viewership in a week, which is quite typical for the superhero genre. The third weekend earned Scott Derrickson $ 17.7 million and is now estimated at $ 181.5 million at home. On the world stage, the blockbuster Marvel added to the piggy bank $ 26 million , and the total earnings of Doctor Strange totals $ 571.5 million , which made it the ninth highest grossing release this year.


The cute trolls lost quite a bit to Strange - their assets grew by $ 17.5 million . And although most critics did not speak too flatteringly about the creation of Mike Mitchell and Walt Dorn , the cartoon managed to find its audience. The family audience liked the amusing toys and unpretentious songs, and now Trolls can boast that they have collected $ 261.3 million at the worldwide box office.


Last week's debutant, the sci-fi drama Arrival , ranked fourth, adding $ 11.8 million to its account. While the tape Denis Villeneuve earned at home box office $ 43.4 million with a budget of $ 47 million , and foreign viewers are not helping the film to reach the level of self-sufficiency ... At the same time, reviewers are scattered in laudatory reviews of this sai-fay, noting the excellent direction and screenwriting, as well as the fact that Amy Adams fits perfectly into her role.


Fifth place in the financial rating was occupied by " Mayers Christmas ". North American viewers do not live by science fiction and magic, and some of them prefer to spend the weekend watching a fun family comedy. The film David E. Talbert at the same time put in its piggy bank an additional $ 7 million , and after two weeks at the box office has $ 25.4 million .

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Author: Jake Pinkman