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Abrams gave up on remakes and reboots

Image When JJ Abrams was just starting his directorial career, he realized himself on television, filming a couple of episodes of the teen drama Felicity ( Felicity ) and the cult TV series Lost ( Lost ).

Today, the track record of Abrams -director is five films, and only one of them can be called completely original - the fantastic thriller "Super 8". His remaining work includes a Star Trek reboot and three sequels - Mission Impossible 3, Star Trek: Retribution and The Force Awakens. But now JJ has decided to break the established tradition.

During the Golden Globes award ceremony, People journalists managed to talk to Abrams , and he admitted that he dreams of creating projects that he wants to reshoot in the future someone else:“You know, I'm happy that I was able to have a hand in things that I liked as a child. But I no longer have the desire to do something like that. I want to implement original ideas. Perhaps the day will come when they will wait for a reboot. If you are telling a story that does not offer the viewer anything new or meaningful, does not create a new mythology, then such a remake is simply a mistake ”.


So far JJ has not decided on the next directorial project, but the production work is enough for him - Abrams are waiting for "Mission: Impossible 6", "Star Wars: Episode 8" and an unnamed film universe "Monster".

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Author: Jake Pinkman